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Testing and inspection

When you have a new electrical installation carried out you should receive an electrical installation certificate. The purpose for this is to provide you with a record that all the appropriate tests have been carried out and that It will have been correctly designed and constructed and all equipment will be suitable for its intended purpose and consequently the installation will be safe for use.

Also when you are altering or adding to your electrical installation the whole installation must be thoroughly inspected and tested and any defects or omissions found must be corrected before it can be certified as a satisfactory installation.

All electrical equipment deteriorates with age as well as with wear and tear from continued use. Every electrical installation therefore needs to be inspected and tested at appropriate intervals during its lifetime to establish that its condition is such that subject to the completion of any necessary remedial works, the installation is safe to remain in service at least until the next inspection is due. If you have just recently purchased a property and are unsure about the condition of the electrical system we recommend to have an electrical condition report carried out to ensure it is safe for continued use.

Our highly trained engineers provide inspection and testing of all electrical installations. This ensures that your electrical installation complies with BS7671 Amendment 3 wiring regulations.

Our engineers can also landlord certificate for those renting out or wishing to rent out a property.

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