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Smart home technology

Smart homes or home automation is where all of the devices in your home are connected together and controlled from your phone, tablet or computer, thus providing you with greater control of lighting, heating and security in your home.


  • Allows you to control your lighting from one place
  • Lights can be switched on or off remotely
  • Put it into “follow me mode” and it will create a pattern of what you use so that when you’re away it still looks like someone is at home


  • No need to come home to a cold house as you can adjust the heating whilst you’re at work
  • Set the technology to different zones so that you only heat the areas you are using


  • Monitor your home 24 hours a day, even when you’re away
  • Disorient unwanted visitors through flashing lights and sirens
  • Connect your CCTV to the system for greater protection
  • See who’s at your front door before you answer it


  • Family movie night – why not dim the lights
  • Set your blinds to open and lights to come on with your morning alarm
  • As you all leave the house in the morning, hit the “all-out” button to switch everything off and set your security

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